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About The Polka - Nuts
The Polka Nuts are a family band that have been performing all over the country since 1982. The band consists of four band members. Mike Gaschler "Papa" plays the accordion, hammer dulcimer and the drums, Michelle Gaschler Haddick plays the bass piano and keyboards, LaRae Szafraniec plays the trombone, saxophone, drums and occasionally the hammer dulcimer and Dave Beitz Jr. plays the hammer dulcimer, accordion and drums. The Polka Nuts are known for their versatility. You will see Mike, LaRae and Dave switch from instrument to instrument several times throughout their performances. They also add vocals to many of their songs and you will hear them whoop and holler to get the crowd involved.

The Polka Nuts are known for their Dutch-hop style of music, but they also play different types of polka including Slovenian, Tex Mex and Polish to name a few. The Polka Nuts play almost every weekend for different clubs, weddings, anniversaries and festivals. They enjoy traveling to different states and meeting new people and also seeing old time friends they have met in previous years.  

As stated earlier the polka nuts are a family band that have grown up with polka music. It is a joy for them to perform their music as they get to see how happy it makes others. It is also very exciting to watch the next generation of children become so involved. Michelle and LaRae each have two children, who love to dance, sing and cant wait to play an instrument of their own.

The Polka Nuts have filmed three television shows and have produced several recordings of their music.